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Hi Krista,

I just wanted to write you a quick e-mail to thank you! I could have never imagined Aubrey would be able to get herself to safety: fully dressed in winter clothes! It was amazing! Especially after those first 2-3 weeks of a stubborn girl! You do an amazing job with the kids! Your education and background show during your instruction with the progress the kids make. The littlest details you use in your instruction that we may not notice from the pool deck are what makes the kids secure in an unfamiliar situation. Words cannot express how I felt driving away on the last day of lessons. I felt relief knowing that even though Aubrey will never be drown proof she has the skills to survive. I truly believe she could save herself if she ever needed to. That is such a good feeling! As you know because of our jobs Lonny and I have experience with drownings on a regular basis and it is heartbreaking and tragic for the families. We know firsthand that it really does happen! It happens all the time to really good parents and it only takes seconds! I got emotional every time I saw one of your little students get to safety in their clothes for the first time. Each time I felt healing and hope that this will be one less drowning! So thanks for the lessons and the therapy! I can never thank you enough for this priceless gift you have given us! Thank you for helping keeping my little angels Aubrey and Kenzie a little safer in an unsafe world!


Mindy Olson Pediatric Nurse
& Lonny Olson Firefighter/Paramedic




I have been looking for the “perfect” gift to give an angel. I hope that I have found it. A little gold locket with a picture of the two year old, blue-eyed boy whose life you saved. To truly think about what you have done for me and my family can only be described as the greatest gift you could possibly have given us, for our son to have a second chance at life, because of using the skills you taught him to prevent a potential drowning. Krista, I can only imagine the hard work and dedication that it takes to do what you do, every single day of the week. I hope that you will always remember us, because we will never, ever forget you. You will forever be the beautiful swim instructor that saved my son’s life. All our love and gratitude,

Chelsea, Eric, Chloe, and of course, Chase Bryan




At the age of three our son, Noah, was introduced to Krista and developed a trusting relationship with her. With firm but gentle guidance Krista taught Noah strategies and techniques that could one day save his life. Soon we will be entrusting Krista with our 11 month old son, Landon, and we know that she will do an incredible job with him as well. The skills our children learn are priceless and the gratitude for this program, particularly Krista, is immeasurable.

- Jennifer Benavides






You are amazing! I never thought on day one that it would be possible for my children to achieve as much as they did in such a short time. This was the best thing we ever did for them. We are so proud of our children and appreciative all of the dedication and love that you invested day after day.

-The Warringtons






We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate the love, care and effort that you have put into Delilah’s lessons these past weeks. You have taught Delilah skills that she will use for the rest of her life. You have a real gift with the kids. You have truly been a blessing from God. Thank you!

-Kelly, Walt, Delilah & Gabriel Menck